Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello friends!

Well it's been a week since we captured little Bamboo. A week ago I was out on the street, lying in the middle of the ground trying to coax this lil guy out.

And here we are.

And of course, it hasn't been easy.

Lil Bamboo is great, healthy and strong, nothing wrong with this cat, except that he won't go in the litter box. Now, for a week I've been taking care of this kitty, feeding and drinking and cleaning and he just pees and poops kind of all over. It's been really frustrating honestly.

I did not sign up to take care of a kitten, he was kind of dropped on me!

And we can't start introducing the kitty until he learns to poop in the box, because we can't have him pooping and stuff all over the house. So we're still keeping the dog and cat separate and I think it's starting to drive everyone bananas. At least me.

So it seems that just last night Bamboo went in the box and we kept him overnight in the bathroom with the box and I think he used it...

It's just hard, you go into see kitty and Remo cries, you come out to see Remo and kitty cries.

And the limbo of it all. We all know I hate that right? Are we keeping him or not and if we're not let's get moving because I cannot keep doing this.

I know it's not that big of a deal, but it changes my life and my house and my peace, all of which I worked very hard for!

Anyway. I'm going into see kitty now, so how we're doing with the box.

But damn, the kitten is REALLY cute. That's what's saving the lil monster now.


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