Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Lots of people were happy to say goodbye to 2011. I was alright with 2011. It was a pretty good year. If I do say so myself.

But, I'm not one to look backwards, that strains my neck.

Hixx here is looking towards the future.

And I think 2012 is going to be something.

John and I have BIG plans.

1. Out of debt by the end of the world. So I think that's 12/21? 12/23? We're both really excited by this prospect and worked hard for it last year. We're pretty sure we can do this, in fact, we're so sure we can do this...

2.  A small trip in March. Possibly with my friend Sabrina to Nawlins. If not that, Austin or Portland or something fun like that. Long weekendish.

3. Morocctober. Eeek. We're planning on Morroco in October 2012. Eeek.

Now, I realize better than some that plans are made to be broken and it's possible that not all these things are going to happen. But you gotta have faith and I do. I think we can do it. In fact, barring any calamities (which always do happen of course) I see no reason why we can't.

But I also think it's going to be an interesting year personally. Certainly, the creative juggernaut (I'M WORKING ON IT, oh god) but also things in the works for John. And of course, my mom. Something is going to happen one way or t'other and my guess is this is the year it's going to happen.

So, it really is a lot. But my god, I would never have imagined a year ago that it would be this fun and great and successful and I hope to say the same about 2012.



Hendo said...

It was great seeing you and John on NYE... here's hoping you KILL IT in 2012!

Hixx said...

Thanks Hendo! That was fun for sure.