Monday, December 12, 2011

Doors closing, windows opening

Many months ago, the young and impressionable Hixx was (okay, maybe not YOUNG) was all excited about a certain something that rhymed with Moprah.

See, Zach Anner won the "win your own show" on the OWN Network. Zach Anner has cerebral palsy and he decided to do a travel show. Great idea actually and one of the places Zach was to check out was Chicago and something that Zach checked out in Chicago? The Pedway Tour!

My first national piece! This was going to do big things for me! WOW.

Cutting room floor.


Meh, it's okay.

I'm proud of myself. I've been working hard on not swinging one way or another anymore. I mean yes, I love nice reviews and being in the Wall Street Journal, and yes, that seems to be what helps my particular business the most and what I'm good man, I'm really okay about it.

Plus, there are other fun things in the hopper and my 40 year old brain knows things now. One thing she knows is that you're not "on" something until it airs. I'm glad I kept this close to the vest and didn't tell many people about it. I'd have some explaining to do right now. heh.

Anyway, we dvr'd Zach Anner's show, it airs on Monday, I'm looking forward to seeing it. He's a really great and funny guy and I hope his show does well! And it was fun and exciting to film my segment, even if it didn't make it.

So the lesson here is, shut your trap until you're sure and then don't be sad when your instincts about shutting up on things you're not sure about actually come true.

That was one whack sentence.

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Melisa Wells said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with confiding in a few good friends, though. :)

Sorry about the cutting room floor, but I know you have other wonderful things coming up, so it's just a little burp in the plan!