Friday, November 25, 2011

Imitation < Flattery


What a fun Thanksgiving. John and I saw my mom in the morning. That was a little rough. Mom's on a couple of different drugs and she's LOOPED. Totally looped. It's really sad seeing her like that, but then on the other hand, it makes me realize how truly with it she is normally. It was not the most fun Thanksgiving breakfast/lunch, but John was sweet and there's nothing like Thanksgiving in an old folks home to make you remember how lucky, grateful and awesome we have it. I'll be in that home soon enough.

But THEN, we came home for a few hours, hung with the Remo, and then headed out to the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond. We caught the bus at Argyle and Broadway, they were playing Christmas music on the shuttle and handing out candy. It was so weird and so fun and anything that slightly resembles travelling gets me and John all excited.

The casino was fairly rockin', we lost a lot of money right away. Not a lot, but a lot for us. And the thing with the shuttle is, you have to wait until the next bus leaves, so you're a little bit at their mercy.

So we had casino buffet for Thanksgiving dinner (it was actually pretty good) and then went to the high rollers slot room. We played a few 5$ slots and won back our money! We played a couple of penny slots and made our way home on the shuttle again.

It was so fun and weird.

And honestly, business business business. Hell, I made a few business calls on Thanksgiving, (private tour tomorrow!). I can't stop thinking, worrying, wondering. I've noticed quite a few copycat pedway tours lately.


It's okay, it really is. Sure, this is MY bread and butter and imitation is flattery (my ass) and I'm really working on not getting worked up! But it's hard. It's really hard not to get angry and jealous and mad.

And of course, it's like Say Anything, I work harder when there's more competition, you bet.

But it's the creative juggernaut that's going to change everything, so I have to stay focused. I have to stay disciplined. I have to work to create something out of nothing (and so much) and just keep my eye on the prize. My prize. Not someone else's prize.

Good luck compeition, you're gonna be eating my tracks...(what does that mean?)


Melisa Wells said...

They ARE going to eat your tracks. There is NOBODY like you. Nobody. Anyone can do a pedway tour, but nobody but Margaret can do it well, and with so much personality!

Hixx said...

Thanks Melisa! you are the greatest. And just you. No one else, no copies, just you!