Monday, November 14, 2011

The Girl with the Confusing Tattoo

I'm totally digging that book by the way. God, I forgot how much I like to read. I've just been reading so much educational stuff lately, it's so great to get just lost and want to read all the time. And the feel of the book in my it.

The reason why I have a confusing tattoo is because I have a Thai tattoo at the base of my neck, written in Thai letters that say "laugh." Yes yes, I checked all over, it definitely does not say "stupid white girl"

But people get confused and think it's Arabic or any number of things. Plus it makes for a good blog headline.

So last night I had another first. I was hired by a very nice guy to come and talk to his group. What he wanted, was a lecture on Chicago history. And he wanted it to be funny. I got the gig from Second City, so I was excited, and nervous. I had no pictures or anything to reference and speaking for an hour, oh my god...

But this is what I want, more stuff like this. So last night at 6PM I went to Smith and Wollensky and got settled in. A group of about 50 arrived and they had been in a conference for a week basically. This was their last night. I was warned: they're going to be really tired and kind of over it. That's why they wanted funny.


I sat at a group of about 8 of them during dinner. The nicest, coolest people I have ever met. They welcomed me with open arms to their dinner and we went around the table and talked about ourselves. People are so freaking fascinating. We had an international table, people from all over the world, I had to describe myself as a "regular old American" at one point. People's mother's had just died, people had fought cancer and changed their lives, people lived in Guam. GUAM!

It was so Burningman. It was so cool to hear from what was just a regular table of people.

And then, after they had copious amounts of wine and steak, they called me up!

And I was hilarious.

Granted, this was a wide open and VERY friendly audience, however, I managed to keep them interested and most importantly, laughing, for a good 45 minutes.

And I could have kept right on going.

They clapped and laughed, they told me they never knew these things. One lady gave me a hug.

I sold one book and gave one away.

In short, it was fantastic.

And a really solid push for the creative juggernaut. This is it folks, what I'm working on is the sum total of everything in my life for the past 20 years.

I have so much to do. But I am on THE track. There is no other.

Hell yeah.


Anonymous said...

Hell's YES.

Erica said...

This is freaking fantastic. I love it.
You are SUCH an inspiration to me. Always.

More of this! You deserve more and more of this. said...

That's totally awesome Hixx! So glad for you!

Hendo said...

Hixxie, I LOVE reading your blog! Well, I love seeing you in person, too, but your blog is SO INSPIRATIONAL! I wish you nothing but luck and love in your new adventures!

smussyolay said...

MYAY for VIS!!

Hixx said...

Oh thank you guys for your very kind comments! I appreciate that a lot. You're all invited!

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Kate said...

This is awesome. You are awesome.