Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okay okay!

We did it.

We went to Vegas and had the best time ever.

Sure, I understand some people may not enjoy downtown and Fremont St - sure, they want to go to the strip, I love the strip, I get that.

But I'm really glad we got to check out Fremont, it's HILARIOUS and awesome and cheap and trashy and excellent. We both really enjoyed it and on the day we finally went to the strip, every single one of my consumerist horrible ideals came out and I just wanted to be RICH. Once we got back to Fremont, they all kind of went away, hell, on Fremont, we ARE rich.

We played a lot of blackjack, both on the machines and at our $1 shot, $1 beer dive casino we found. I've never played anything at a table, so this was a big deal. I loved it, so fun and since you're not betting against the other players, only the dealer, we ended up making lots of friends, like "First Base" and "Larry Davis"

It was just the right amount of time to be there, we were both ready to go home, but now both of us are ready to go back.

I just can't put into words what it is about Vegas. I know people hate it for the very things I love it for.

I want to learn more about it, about it's history, about downtown and the strip.

I would NEVER want to live there, ever, but shit, I could give one hell of a Vegas tour. My god.

Anyway, it's back to work. My head is spinning. I have a lot to do, I got a talking to by my friend and mentor and freaking life coach, Dan Izzo. And I have a lot to think about and do in terms of my business.

Plus, I want to stay at the Wynn the next time I go back to Vegas and that don't come cheap friends, I gots some money to make.


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