Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, I haven't been wanting to exactly say it out loud in case of jinxing it, but dang, business has been going really well lately.

It is such a freaking relief, I can't even tell you.

Finally, finally I'm starting to see that I am making an impact, that people are finding me that want to find me and that they're happy and excited and it's all just really great and nice. I'm starting to make money, starting to reach more people. From tours that had no one on them (I still have these, definitely) I'm starting to get 4, 6 and more now more and more often, 10 or 15. That is really something.

I love how it's happening towards the end of tour season. Figures.


John and I need to have a huge state of the union, things are changing with him and his life and they should and they will, but I gotta figure out what I'm doing this winter, what the priorities are and how to make next summer profitable as hell.

It's just fun. It's way more busy, I have time for little, I'm totally in my head, I'm all wrapped up in my world and my business and am probably selfish as hell right now, but that's fine.

Vegas. Friday.

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