Thursday, August 04, 2011

I can tell this now...

About a year and a half ago, Sabrina and I were *this close* to getting on a reality show at that time called "Catch Me."

We had gotten through rounds and rounds, they had binders with our name and pictures on them, they loved us. We are funny you know, and an interesting couple, not that many straight/gay friend pairings out there.

Anyway, one of the producers called us and said they were looking for a different couple (male/female) but they loved us so much, that she wasn't even calling other people personally, just us...

So recently I've seen the ads for "Take the Money and Run" the same show. I thought I might not want to watch it, it looked neat and I didn't want to be jealous, as we know I can be.

I watched it.

And I am so freaking thankful we didn't make it. We would have HATED it.

The scenario is that the contestants (two brothers in the first San Francisco one) have an hour to hide 100K. They can hide it anywhere. There will be two beat cops and two investigators that have access to the GPS and phone log of the contestants.

After the hour is over, the cops ARREST YOU, and put you in solitary confinement for 48 hours, while they try and figure out where you hid it. A lot of this is done by interrogation. Which looked really awful.

The San Fran contestants hid the briefcase in a park and if the cops hadn't made one of the brothers CRY, they might have been able to win. But the interrogation was so severe and mean, the one brother broke down and told them right where it was.

Poor Sabrina, I can't even imagine her being interrogated by cops. Just horrible.

I thought it was going to be running around the city trying to hide the whole time, but no, you get an hour to play and then you're stuck in jail while the cops get to have all the fun.

Phew, thank goodness that wasn't us. Seriously.

But as Sabrina put it, "doesn't matter, we want the Race anyway."

Good point Sabrina, good point.


Erica said...

Oh my gosh, wasn't that awful? It looked like hell. If the interrogators had been more game showy, I would have enjoyed it more, but they were just so MEAN. One hour isn't long enough to get your shit together that much for that level of harshness. I really felt for that guy.

And the cops barely did anything! They just drove around and lucked out that the mean interrogators were really good. made me so uncomfortable. I am glad y'all weren't on it.

I'm going to watch the chicago one, though...

Hixx said...

Oh yeah, I'm TOTALLY watching the Chicago one.