Tuesday, August 02, 2011


There has been a nest under the eave of our house for a very long time, as long as I can remember really. But nothing much has gone on there. Until now.

Maybe a week or so ago we noticed babies! Baby birds! 3 of them. We see them every time we leave the house or come in, so we've been keeping a very close watch on them.

I'm from the suburbs you know, I've never really seen anything that tiny in my life. To watch this heartbeat of life from my doorway has been amazing. The mom sitting on the eggs, the storms, the thunder and lightening, I've just been very concerned.

All was well until yesterday morning when John came to tell me that one of the lil birds had fallen out of the nest. I went out to see him in my bathrobe and the poor little thing is just sitting on the porch, all vulnerable. My handsome husband picked him up in a paper towel (I dunno, don't the mother's sense if something has tainted the baby?) and grabbed the chair and stuck him way high up back in the nest.

All day yesterday I kept checking back, I didn't see the mom and I was all worried. John assured me she would be back by nightfall and she was just getting food. By 6PM momma was back and all was okay with the world.

Then again this morning, the chick is on the porch again. John puts him up again, lil guy looks almost ready to be on his own, definitely bigger than the other two still in the nest. When I went out for my run this morning (HOT) he was on the porch again and I knew this time, there was no saving this lil guy.

I asked John what to do, he said maybe put him in a box. When I went back out there, lil guy was gone.

I asked John again what to do (thank god for men sometimes) and John said this:

Maybe he flew away. He did seem big enough. There needs to be a day
when the babies turn into little birds...

I love him for that.

It's just so strange, to really watch this from start to finish, their tiny little bird mouths open all the time for food, their eyes barely open, the image of this poor vulnerable bird on the porch.

It's all so heart-breaking and at the same time inspiring.

Life is so hard.


Kate said...

Is it possible the other birds pushed that one out of the nest? It happens fairly often -- it even happened at our place this year. All the birds are competing for food so sometimes they try to off one of their siblings. Sad. Life really is hard.

Hixx said...

Yes, that could be. He was bigger than the other birds, they probably HATED him!

Now there's only one bird in the nest, so it's possible they're just flying away like they're asposed to.

Thanks Kate! And life is hard...