Saturday, July 30, 2011

More library

Seriously, I'm so glad I started working here rather than the Cultural Center, the wi-fi is much faster and more consistent, it's SILENT and every book I could ever want is sitting right next to me, somewhere...

I finally got my book returned, my 10$ late fee charged and I am now able to use the library again! I'm such an adult.

So, I had a concierge call! HA! bingo. She sent two people, forwent (forgoed?) the booking deposit altogether and I took two people out on a tour. They had a great time! Today when I went to make sure she had everything she needed, I brought her some cookies and a card. This I don't mind, she did it without the kickback, I thank her, that's how I roll.

But she told me they'd be using me a lot more, that the customers said I was awesome and she seemed honestly pleased about the cookies.

So there you go.

The ones that contact me after that whole email thing, those are the ones I want to work with. I actually had one other call, yay!

Clear eyes, full hearts.

I miss Tim Riggins.

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