Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, I did it. I went a step too far and I gotta tell you folks, it feels real good.

During my two years of giving tours, I have received a grand total of 2 calls from concierge. 2.


I have taken them on private tours, I have visited them, had special marketing materials for them, I've sent weekly takes a lot of time to sweet talk the concierge and I have done that.

It's always been a source of trouble for me, I get upset. When they see me they hug me and tell mw how great I am and then they don't call. Ever.

I've been told by a few different people that it's most likely that I'm not giving them enough money.


Other guides raise their ticket price and give the concierge upwards of $10 for every ticket they book.

My business was started with very important ideals, one of them being a very reasonable ticket price. Not only do I want to raise the ticket price so the concierge can have more money, it infuriates me that this is the way business is done and it's always made me feel frustrated, aggravated and angry.

That may have come up in a frustrated email I sent to the concierge. I mentioned my low kickbacks and apparently I'm not supposed to do that. Talk about that. I wonder why???

I had a concierge call me yesterday, one of those who purports to love me, and she mentioned that I really shouldn't do that, I should let the concierge come to me. She kept telling me I have value, I don't know what that means - I'm fully aware of my "value." Stop talking about the kickbacks, she said.


I told her this phone call was one of the first calls I've ever gotten from a concierge, because she was angry with me.

And as I hung up the phone I realized it. I'm done with it. It's the thing that takes the most time and has the least amount of payoff. It makes me feel dirty, I hate kissing butt, especially in my own business. I've always been uncomfortable with this whole thing and now I know, it's because it feels wrong in my heart and I don't want to be a part of it anymore.

So I'm finished. It feels good.

After I had this conversation with this lady I gave a packed Second City tour and when I was finished I had 3 reservations from 3 different people, all who found me on their own.

I am free to market the way I want to now, free to give my money to marketers who deserve it, who actually made the money I'm giving to them, not just made a quick phone call.

As John says, I'm not losing anything, they weren't calling me in the first place!

It's been a really long road, this particular one. I'm thankful to have lost this stress.

The other peeps can give their money to them, for now, I'm keeping mine.



Erica said...

Love it.

Melisa with one S said...

A very valuable revelation, my friend. Congrats on moving forward! You've done JUST FINE without them, thank you very much! :)

DGold said...

Wow! I think this is such smart business. I know you've been stressing about this for awhile now but having made such a decision must be a huge relief. Damn you, Concierges of Chicago! Joxx will take the tour business by storm without you! I'm very proud of you. Now....let the fun marketing begin!

Hixx said...

YAY! thank you guys so much for your encouragement. It really means a lot. Really really really! LADIES!