Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Things are really heating up here in the Hixx/Eiberger household. It's all good, but my head is going to explode...but still, it's good.

Tours are picking up people! Getting phone calls and emails and group tours and reservations and of course, my very special guest on Thursday for the pedway tour! I will find out on Thursday just how much I can say about my very special guest, so it's not just me being mysterious, I just really don't want to get sued.

This week in particular is especially crazy, a couple of private tours and John's parents come this weekend and I haven't looked at my computer or email really in days, I've been running from one thing to the next with a billion things floating through my head. I spend my days walking in the heat, either giving tours, walking to another tour, learning a tour, walking to learn a tour - it's all great but I'm just wiped by the end of the day. As I should be.

I'm enjoying it, I really am, but (hint to John if you're reading this love) I still really need to get out of dodge for a day. just one day. One tiny lil day.

John has also been a trooper these past few weeks, dealing with not one, but TWO root canals in the past 2 weeks, one particularly nasty one. Good riddance.

So we're good, just working and playing and ....


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