Thursday, January 27, 2011


Whew. I know the week is going fast when I don't come here to blog for five days.

Back much better. There is still pain which annoys me, but less and less every day. This morning I just couldn't wait anymore, so I did 10 minutes on the treadmill, just walking, to warm up my morning body and then did a VERY easy yoga. It felt good. Just to stretch and move. But I'm looking forward to a little sweat.

Honestly, I don't know if I'll go back to P90X. My heart was just not in it this time around and I hurt myself. So we'll see. I like being a little hardcore, I wish there was something between lame exercise vids on comcast and P90X. Either way, I'm taking it easy this week and weekend, maybe some pilates to build up my back and core muscles some more, more stretching. I dunno.

THE BOOK. Please. Let's not pretend that I am able to even think of anything else. I'm not. Today as I was walking I realized I hadn't written since Tuesday. I've done a ton of other work for it, but no writing. Then I thought "I need to write, it needs to know I'm here, I need to make it bigger and flesh it out and love it and take care of it." Like it's a damn pet! I figure that's a really great attitude to have towards it though, I'm not afraid of it at all...

On Sunday I'm going to be on WGN with RICK KOGAN! Now, I realize I'm a radio nerd and a Chicago nerd, but Kogan is as cool as it gets. He's a total Chicago guy, been in this city forever. He knows EVERYONE, he writes, he hosts galas, he gives interviews, he has his own radio Chicago personality. I love him and always have and I'm really really excited to do this show - I'll be talking about the pedway with him and his travel correspondent who came on the tour a few months back. TOO freaking cool.

Sunday morning, 720AM, 7:00AM.

Other than that I'm just trying to keep all the balls in the air. There are so many, I'm a little afraid of dropping one.

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