Monday, November 15, 2010

What? Huh?

Why am I over here writing at Chicago Stories when I have just way too much to do? Because my head is spinning, in the best possible way.

Oh how I remember the trying days of last November, it's like 9/11 - I will never forget!

Sitting inside, hoping and praying that something would save us from our devastation.

And here I am, a year later, trying to write a book, trying to go to India, trying to plan the holidays and it's all just TOO MUCH.

Well, not too much, but it's a lot.

So I come here, to relax for a moment.

Anyone watching The Walking Dead? I totes dig it. It's like I am Legend, but better!

Who has seen Splice yet? You know you need to see Splice right? Watched it again last night so I could watch a friend watch it, it's so awesome. Just go rent Splice and get a pizza too so you can have Splice with a slice.

I'm reading this book on Mumbai (Bombay) and it said it's a city filled with shit.

Oh goody.

I have 3, count them....3, episodes of Glee in my DVR. What's up Glee? After the RHPS ep I just can't bring myself to watch another for some reason. I dunno. I'll get there.

Looks like I may be here for Thanksgiving whilst John drives our lil pup to Wisconsin. That's okay, it'll be weird but let's face it, in just two days after that I'll be spending every second of two weeks with him - which truly, when it comes down to it - is the best part of the India trip.

Traveling John is something else. There's a smile and an ease to his face which I don't see much in the regular days. I'm looking forward to seeing that particular smile again.

In the land of shit.


smussyolay said...

i was *just* going to ask where snoutero was going to be when you were in India. where's he going? when are you going?

snoutero montero.

Hixx said...

Snoutero Montero! He's going to Wisconsin to stay with John's mom and dad. He's going to love it.

We leave a week from Saturday!