Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Time

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm sure I won't be posting here until the 12th. So remember, if you want to follow along it's Kay?

Had a perfectly lovely Thanksgiving...John had to take Remo to Wisconsin (ugh, sigh, cry) so I went to my mom's with my brother and his BEYONCE. Took about an hour, so I went to see The Social Network, no, I did not just go for Justin Timberlake, why would you say that? I know I haven't picked another Hollywood boyfriend since Heath - stop pressuring me!

On the train downtown this morning I was so excited and happy and nervous, I actually had a guy call me over, total stranger, and ask me if I needed some anxiety pills! Best thing ever. I let him know it was just happiness and that I was fine. But yeah, maybe I should have asked him what exactly he has? Huh?

Then I came home and watched Push, which is not the Precious movie, it's almost like Underworld but with ESP people and telekenisis people and it was pretty good.

I wonder what they'll have on the plane? Food and entertainment?

Okay, I gotta go, it's all too much. I hope everyone has a great two weeks and I'll talk to y'all when we get back!

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