Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm fine. No worries. I'm just fine.

Thanksgiving is a day away, India is 4 days away (5?) and my sanity is 165 days away. But who's counting?

We're getting ready to go, the dining room table is filling up with camera batteries, copies of passports and various sundries.

The dog is looking at us cross-eyed, he knows something is up.

Parents and friends look at us happily but with a concerned look in their eye.

A friend today told me we should have made out a living will before we left. (Hi Hendo!)

We're pooling money, malaria pills and hand wipes.

We're collecting books, magazines and the 1st season of Modern Family for the plane.

John takes Remo to Wisconsin tomorrow. Sigh. Definitely maybe the hardest part.

But other than that we stand around and stare at each other, waiting...

I hope everyone has an awesome thanksgiving y'all!

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