Monday, November 01, 2010

Big days little days

MY GOODNESS. Never a dull moment around here, seriously.

So things are great and scary and great and awesome and great and frightening and great.

I got the signed contract back for the book, so it's official! ACK! I'm totally scared to death and alternately really excited. I go through moments of being terrified and then being totally sure that I am the exact right person to be writing this book. This week is filled to the brim with my first set of interviews, in fact, I've already done one! I love this because it's getting me in touch with really old friends who are willing and happy to help and it just pleases me.

Chicago Elevated was on the news this morning with Judy Hsu! Oh so fun and I'm getting better about watching myself on camera, which is a really good thing. Who knows what will come from that but it's just riot and I thought the piece was really neat. You can find that here.

Halloween was great, lately I've been feeling very quiet and homebound. Again, I know myself well enough to know I go through stages of things (we all do) and if I'm feeling quiet and homebound, chances are that's the exact place I need to be. I don't know if it's winter or the massive amounts of work I need to do, but home keeps calling me to it, so we spent a very quiet Halloween.

But it was so Halloweeny! Friday night I had drinks with great ladies, Saturday I worked and we checked out the doggy costume parade which was too cute. Saturday night I did my last Boystown Tour (yay!) and then John and I came home and watched RHPS. That was fun. Sunday I saw Paranormal Activity 2 (pretty scary I thought, I yelped loudly a few times and not on purpose) and then I did an interview and watched kids trick or treating in Boystown. So funny to watch lil kids mix with gay boys in fancy costumes.

All in all a good weekend. Tonight I have a concierge tour (16 people signed up! Phew) and then tomorrow starts the crazy book interviews back to back.

So voila. Here it is, life is happening all around me and in me and near me and on top of me and under me. Let's do this.

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