Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's a little one sided at the moment, I have just signed my side of the contract, but surely the other side will sign?

But here goes, at least somewhat unofficially (I'll announce it on Chicago Elevated when BOTH sides are signed) but....

I'm going to be writing a book!


I was approached by a publisher after giving a tour one day and they threw out the idea of writing a "history of comedy in chicago" book.


I paid little attention the first time he brought it up and a little more attention when he approached me with it about a month ago.

It's one of those sort of localized books, it'll be short, 35,000 words. So it's not like I'm delving miles deep into the history of comedy here, as Mick Napier (founder of the Annoyance) said "That'd be a really big book."

But this will have lots of pictures and a nice overview of stand up and improvisation in Chicago. Thus, there will definitely be a comedy tour next spring.

SO! This is very exciting. They want the book fairly quickly (but are fine if I can't) for the improv festival next spring, which means, I HAVE TO GET GOING.


But again, I wait for a fully-signed contract, but I met with the fellow this morning, asked all my questions and was completely satisfied with the answers.

So yeah.



Jill said...

This is awesome, I have Richard Christiansen's book about the history of theater in Chicago, and will love to own/read one about comedy and improv! HOORAY! I'm sure this goes without saying but please keep us posted about where to buy it.
- Jill F

Hixx said...

Aw Jill you are a peanut, thank you! And hell yeah, you'll be tired of me telling you where you can buy it!

Frances said...

Congrats. That is very exciting news.