Monday, September 13, 2010

Priorities People

Okay, well, Burningman no longer is the topic of my conversations or my incessant planning. I think I really surprised Sabrina with how much planning I really do from minute to minute. I can't help it, it's a thing, it doesn't hurt anyone and it helps organize my brain so...whateves.

So now it's back to important things like:

Survivor starts on Wednesday! I have seen no previews, I know nothing about it and that's fine. I know people are very concerned with the older vs. younger and the famous guy who's on there this season, but I trust Survivor and Jeff Probst and will not worry one iota until the damn show starts...hell....finishes. Trust everyone, it's what makes the world go 'round.

I started reading the Twilight books. I read the first one on the plane to San Fran and am now just reading the second one. They are just awful, just awful and so completely addicting that I can't even put them down. Grrr, it bothers me! But I do give her credit for writing something so addicting...even if the writing blows.

We bought our tickets to India, we leave on Nov. 27 and come back Dec. 12. We're flying Swissair which I think might be the smartest thing we have ever done in our lives.

Oh and for some reason we got a costume catalog and I just can't stop looking at the two gnomes:

I mean seriously, how cute is that?

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