Friday, August 13, 2010


Holy god.

I got a free month membership at the gym in Boystown, we're doing a little cross promotion, and man oh my god.

I've been going a bunch, it's fun to get out and go there instead of working out at home, although I think I prefer working out at home, but no matter..what I've really been enjoying are the classes.

So far I've done Zumba (fun, but barely broke a sweat, will try again) and yesterday I did yoga and that was TOUGH. Real tough, I had to stand on my head, do you know how hard that is really? Not easy and works your triceps like you wouldn't believe, my shoulders too...ow.

Today I did something called Fitflex, I went in there thinking I'm miss smartystrong, but oh my god. So hard. You spend 4 minutes working on a specific part. Not easy. 4 minutes of chest exercises is hard, 4 minutes of squats, body was SHAKING. Shaking. And I was shaking when I got out of there too. I might still be shaking.

So fun though, to try different things and work so hard. Ow.

Things are good here, Air & Water shows, date nights, tours and writing and editing and all kinds of fun stuff.

We all know I'm just waiting for the next 17 days to pass right?

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