Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, it's over. The big 40. Now the celebrations are done and I sit here as a 40 year old woman.

I'm so depressed.

KIDDING. I'm kidding.

The whole weekend was great, yesterday was great. I lost every single cent I brought with me to the casino and I loved every second of it. So there.

I really am bad at gambling though. Maybe that's good, I'll never get that into it I suppose.

Dinner with friends and family and presents from my man. He got me great presents this year:

A half dollar from the 1893 Worlds Fair
A pewter (maybe?) elephant from the 1933 Worlds Fair
A beautiful photography book from Rand McNally published in 1893 for the Worlds Fair

Various sundry items for the Burningman.

He's such a good man.

So all is quiet. I've spent the day learning more about imovie because my mom GOT ME A NEW CAMERA! YAY! I really have been working with this little poopy one and I'm all excited. My next project today is to learn how to work the new little camera.

So now all energies go to the BM. 20 days left before we leave.

I think we're ready.


Anonymous said...

"So now all energies go to the BM. "

You shouldn't strain though. Thats how you get H-roids.

Hixx said...