Monday, August 23, 2010

One week

I know, everyone around me will be REALLY glad when this Burningman thing is over, it is pretty much what I think about now...

So yeah, one week until we leave.

Something that came up over the weekend was the idea of "self reliance." They say Burningman is about radical self-reliance...break your bike? Fix it. Ain't no one there to pay to do it. Hurt yourself? Fix it. Certainly there are emergency medical tents, but that's for serious stuff. Can't get your tent stakes in? Fix it.

And as Sabrina started to worry a bit about her work and being away for a week, it occurred to me that Burningman is also about self-reliance for the people we leave behind.

Granted, I'm married to one of the greatest men of all time. We all know this right? But here's the thing - once I get into the desert next Tuesday, we are out of communication until I get back to San Francisco on Sunday sometime.

My husband is going to go pretty much for a week with no idea how I am, no way to call me and ask a question, no way to say goodnight or tell me he loves me.

He's going to have to be self-reliant too. It may seem silly, John and I are both independent people who know how to deal with life...but a week for a married couple, to not even talk to each other, is a weird thing.

The people at Sabrina's job are going to have to be self-reliant too. They can't just ring her up after hours and get an answer to a question, they're going to have to figure it out - just like we're going to have to do on the Playa.


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