Monday, June 21, 2010

Phase III

Okay folks, I have a rest day tomorrow and then I start my final month of P90X. A few thoughts:

I have really enjoyed this so far and I think I definitely like following a schedule. It makes me adhere to something, so that's good. With the exception of getting sick in the first month, I have not missed one day of this thing (I may have switched a few around, heh) but I have really not missed a day. I like having this thing I HAVE TO DO, even though it's not quite that serious.

I really wish I had taken before photos. Because I know my body has changed. And even if it's not specific things, there are definite changes. My shoulder sloped off to the side, not so much anymore...they're pretty square. It's awesome.

There is definitely more definition everywhere and it might just be possible that I have a butt. I'm not sure, but I think so. At least it's not white-girl-flat like it was before.

Still no real weight lost, but that's not surprising. Again, I'm eating like I was, if not a little more because I get so damn hungry, but yeah...I'm a different shape than I was, that's for sure.

And I know for positive I'm getting stronger, because there are things I was never even close to doing that I can now do (Fifer Scissors!) and that feels really nice.

And like with my business, I have to remind myself from where I started. I started with really no muscle at all. I've never been sporty, not even in high-school, so I was really starting from nothing. And when you start from nothing you have a little further to go than some.

I'm really proud of myself for sticking to it and for working my ass off. I talk about how much I like it, but I do not want to undermine the amount of swearing, screaming, sweating and sometimes crying I do. This is not easy. It's uncomfortable. We Americans, not so good at uncomfortable.

But I've been pushing through, busting my hump and my hump is rounder, shapelier and stronger than ever.

This last month is EXTREME muscle confusion, so I'm really just going to the push the hell out of it, see what kind of woman pops out July 21.


Erica said...

Shit yeah, Margaret!! I am so freaking impressed with and inspired by you!

Hendo said...

Push on through to the other side!