Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Got just a little bit...

before I head to a fancy dinner apparently being paid for by someone else. I hope that's true. Cause we broke!


I finished reading The Believers by Zoe Heller. She wrote "What Was She Thinking: Notes on a Scandal," which is one of the greatest book to movie adaptations of all time. I really loved Notes and I liked this book too, but not as much. The thing that freaks me out about Heller is that I think she writes like I do. Very often I feel as if I'm reading my own writing and that is a weird feeling. But I enjoy reading her (because I'm a GREAT writer) for just that reason. I think she's entertaining and smart and she nails the different aspects of the female personality just beautifully. But if you're going to read one of her books, read Notes on a Scandal for sure.

You know what? I miss running. With the P90X they actually kind of tell you not to do any cardio. Obvs I can see why, a different part of my body has been hurting for a week now, which is great, but man oh man, I could not go running. They say at least wait a month which I will do. And I love the workouts, love them, but there isn't that final feeling like I get from a run.

You know the one, when you're all sweaty, just dripping down, you're out of breath but you feel fantastic and you're outside walking in the sun at 8 in the morning and your best jam is playing on your ipod and the world, for that one moment, is totally fucking manageable because you are a fucking powerhouse? That feeling. I miss it.

The feeling I get from P90X is almost as good, but it comes during the workout. Like I said before, you feel like a badass doing it. But then afterwards, you're sort of sweaty but not really and it's all over and there's no endorphin rush or something.

Soon i'll be back on my bike a lot too, a totally different kind of feeling.

Anyway, that's all I got. Wish me luck on my fancy din din!

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