Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keeping it Free

Reading the Seth Godin this morning as I always do and he's talking about buying houses. Certainly in my future someday way out there that I can't even imagine right now - I will want to buy a house. No no, actually change that, I would like to live in a house. I've never had the pull of ownership. "Building equity" means nothing to me and it seems perfectly easy to get through life without equity. Especially if you don't really want to buy anything else that you might need equity for. I don't even know what equity is.

Oh for so long I wondered why I was the only one I could think of who didn't want to own a house, have a baby or even own a car. Now I know I'm not, now I know that this doesn't mean I'm lacking, it just means I'm different than others and don't see myself needing those things to be happy.

Sure, I have romantic visions of John and I on some large plot of land, all green and pretty with dogs running around, driving into town for lunches with the ladies and coming home to my creative work, but those are fantasies. Someday they might come true, who knows...

but reading this post was quite boring for me for awhile because I've really come to peace with the fact that I don't want those things, so why read about it, until I saw this:

If you have a steady job, matching your mortgage to your income isn't dumb. But if you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a big thinker, a mortgage can wipe you out. That's because the pressure to make your monthly nut is so big you won't take the risks and do the important work you need to do to actually get ahead. When you have a choice between creating a sure-thing average piece of work or a riskier breakthrough, the mortgage might be just enough to persuade you to hold back.

Yes exactly. Lucky for me my husband can support us while I get this business off the ground, but if we had a house, children, etc. Chicago Elevated would never be. And I see Chicago Elevated as the exact thing that can free us up to get all those things....later....if we want to.

I'm going to make plenty of money for both of us, more money than we could have hoped for, now I know why I kept myself untethered for so many years - it's so I can be free to do what I need to do and want to do.


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