Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Back to Reality, that's cool

So funny, yesterday was such a great day all day and then this morning we wake up to torrential downpours, bugs in showers, flooding and an unfortunate dentist appointment. My life is hilarious.

Although all is well, flooding not bad, bug already dead, downpours stopped and I get a root canal on Thursday. You know what's great about the root canal? I can get it. We can pay for it. I can take care of my face. That makes the root canal not so bad. Plus, I planned it for Thurs so I can veg out to Survivor later that night, although...what's the point now....sniff....

After I took the boys out yesterday I went to their "meetup" at Rockit by Wrigley. That was really fun too. I've never really been to a meetup and MAN people are awesome! So brave, so many people showed up by themselves, which I just think is so brave and everyone was so nice...if anyone saw someone standing on the outside, looking non-chalant, there were 20 people to welcome that person into the circle. Everyone would smile at everyone else and open up conversation and so fun to see all those people who love the AONC and Get Rich Slowly. Like minds. Lots of travelers and business owners, lots of women surprisingly, I don't know why it was surprising but it was.

Just an all around great day. I love that I'm four months into the biz and so many things have happened and I still feel like I haven't even really started yet!

Oh and I finally finished Harlot's Ghost by Norman Mailer. What a great book. What a long book.


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