Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I really am amazed at how fast these weeks go by these days. I haven't posted since the dog incident? That was like...last year.

I still see that boy in my head and hear those inhuman human sounds. I want that to go away. Also, I find I'm way more jumpy with other dogs, but I assume that will kind of die away too. But when a dog comes running at us from their own yard barking and stuff, I get scared. So be it.

ANYWAY, I feel like today was the start of the tour season! I did my first Second City tour today for a group of kids, they were great. They called me ma'am. For petes sakes. It was great to get into that mindset and the pretty day and the nice kids, well, I'm ready for tours.

But they won't really start for another couple of months. March and April are all about writing new tours and the Pedway Tour ends on March 26th. So for at least one month I'll only be doing private tours. But that's okay. I have a ton to do.

John is good, working hard, Buddy is good, working hard. For me lately it's still about battling the "I can'ts" or "I don't want tos." This sucks and I can't believe how much of my brain it still takes up. It makes me frustrated with myself which just makes the I CANT'S even more pronounced.

So, I have to go. I have phone calls I have to make. I hate the phone.


rachelle said...

I hate phone calls too. I made a wedding-related phone call today that I have been dreading and anxious about (for no reason) for a long time. .. and you know what? It was fine! I don't know what it is with me and the phone. SERIOUSLY!

Hixx said...

Oh I know! That was probably my least favorite things wedding related. Being on the phone. And you're right, it's never as bad as we make it out to be!