Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quiet Sunday Morning

Oh how I love my quiet Sunday mornings. I found this really gentle Crunch Yoga on the Netflix and it's my Sunday staple. There's no pain, no strength needed for this yoga, it's just really quiet and nice and relaxing and I always feel so good after it. John's in the bedroom sleeping off pizza and I'm getting some work done and listening to WGN. Love Sundays.

Something has come up in my life that is forcing me to take the next step in my business. I've been struggling some with what it is exactly I want to happen. I'm all about goals and have some specifically for the tour biz, but now I'm forced (in a good way) to narrow it down, be more specific.

Remember how I was talking about how it was nice to have someone who makes the decisions? And how I don't really need that anymore? Well, I wish I had it now hooboy! I say I'm great with it and then the universe presents a large decision to be made pretty much the next day. The Universe is freaking hilarious.

But I trust myself to know what is best for my business. I want to ask everyone I know what they think, I want to know everyone's opinion, it's very Peter Keating of me (for you The Fountainhead readers) when really, this is my decision, my choice and there is absolutely no one out there who can help me.

Responsibility. Decisions. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

Amiable dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

Hixx said...

Oh man, I hate college assignements.

smussyolay said...

lol. everything sounds great (except for the spam). new tour guides!? excellent. you know, that sort of made me consider checking out being a docent. can anyone go and do that? .... she goes to google ....