Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well, the dream has been fulfilled.

I was on Nick D.

It was so fun and scary. My voice started going the day before, I had a cold and a gross nose and it just went to my throat. I never lose my voice. Plus, we had a little party for John on Friday night and I was out know, rockstar life.

So all day Saturday I'm playing diva. Not talking, drinking tea with honey and lemon, throatcoat, pineapple juice...everything. I almost wrapped a scarf around my neck for petes sakes. I worried all day.

Then Andrew (my brother) and I got to the Tribune Building and stood outside the big window in Pioneer Court, we saw Nick D in the window and I got really nervous. It's so out in the open! OMG! We go inside and the nice producer takes us into the green room. We hung out in there for just a bit chatting with the guest after me, so fun. Then the producer brought us into the studio and I sat down right in front of the huge window with people looking right at me, waving their arms and stuff.

Nick was so nice. So so so nice. I realize it's part of his job to help me feel comfortable but he really is open and funny. I was so scared I wasn't going to have answers to his questions but of course he doesn't really ask questions like that. I had all kinds of things to say and just wanted to keep talking and talking. My voice held out but I was really self-conscious about it, I'm mad about that.

And then I was pleasantly surprised with how long I was on. I wasn't expecting that. I was thinking maybe 10 minutes tops, but I was on for a good 45 minutes. The other surprising thing was how hard it was to be doing that for 45 minutes. I would imagine you have to be so focused to do that for 4 hours. So aware.

When we were finished we got a WGN sticker I have already put up in the apartment. I begged Andrew to tell me the truth of how it went and he swore it was good. I just finished listening to it and I'm perfectly pleased and really think Nick did a great job with me. He's so nice and open and fun, it just can't go wrong.

So all in all it was a really fun night.

It also made me want more. I was telling Andrew I wished I was in another city maybe, flown in to do an interview and I was headed back to my downtown hotel where I'd get a little room service before I flew home the next day.

One can dream.


Kate said...

Well done, Hixx! Is there somewhere online I can go to listen?

Erica said...

CONGRATS! That is so exciting! I am sorry I missed it.
Same question--can we listen to it somewhere? Did you tape it?