Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Michael Jackson and Getting it Done

I continue to lament the passing of MJ. I finally saw This Is It and man oh MAN did that guy work his ass off. I mean, we all knew he did but you can see it actually in him. They’re just trying to rehearse and you can hear MJ trying to save his voice and his energy but he cannot help himself; he always breaks out into full on dancing and singing. Couldn’t hold himself back. I’ve added some more MJ songs to the nano and each one of them pleases me. I would say that his is probably the most influential celebrity death for me. Heath Ledger was a shock and a sadness, but there wasn’t the same intimacy or something. I just find it fascinating how much I think about Michael Jackson and really mourn what was about to come. That concert was going to be awesome, no doubt.

Now John is back to work, in fact tonight he’s already doing overtime. How it all changes right? So I’m downstairs, doing my own work, taking advantage just like I said I’d do. I am completely flabbergasted on how people read and do so many things in a day. The tours are right around the corner and I have so much to do, so many ideas for other things I want to do and I can’t find enough hours in the day. I really can’t. Plus when you factor in other people’s blogs, news, friends, projects, TV…how do people do it?

I know I can start prioritizing a little, really becoming focused when I need and shutting down email and twitter and all that, but I’m pretty good about that now!

How do you guys do it? Have I asked this before? See how confused about it all I am?

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