Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who Am I Kidding?

You know, you can't fool the Hixx, even when you're the Hixx trying to fool the Hixx, it won't work.

I've been yapping about Ellen Barrett and how pretty and nice she is and then last week hit...I was busy, we were doing lots of things, eating lots of things, and I didn't have my regular time for exercise so I had to cut things short.

Do you know what you do when you want to exercise but don't have much time?

That's right kids, you Shred.

So last week I went back to Jillian in a more loyal way then I have for the past few months and there is just no doubt about it, her 20 minutes is harder, way harder, than anyone else's 40. I hate it so much, I hate her so much!

But you know what? I love her, because I ate french silk pie, I ate turtle cheesecake, I had burgers and bread and pancakes and french fries and cookies and more potatoes and I didn't gain a pound.

I hate her so much.

John also got me a thing for my treadmill, an "intermediate" workout which will change speeds and inclines for me, it has like 20 different running programs and if this is intermediate, then I am a baby beginner, because this shit is hard. Much harder than I normally work out. So...Jillian plus my crying and weeping and cursing the treadmill actually worked for me this time around...

But I still hate her and stupid buff arms and cut body.


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