Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sole Survivor

Oh really now, Survivor Sunday is one of your favorite days of the year? Why yes it is Virgina, along with the other 2 Survivor Sundays! I wake up and open my eyes and thank the lord I'm still here on earth and then my little heart starts to pitter pat...3 hours of Survivor tonight!

What a season its been. I'll admit it, I was one of the first to say that Russell was never going to make it past the merge. I thought people would catch on once they learned Russell was saying something different to everyone. I thought they'd all catch on and figure out a way to stop this guy. But Russell, as good as he is at the game, got lucky. He honestly got stuck with a lot of really passive people who were just waiting for someone to lead them. They all sat and watched him pick up immunity idols, they all sat and watched while he wore them to tribal council...its fascinating.

And if he doesn't win, which he very well might not, then it will be a sad day for Survivor fans everywhere won't it? If the prayer warriors win (I'm amazed they held out on us so long before showing us the prayer warriors) then I'm going to cry. Unless its Natalie because she's the only one I could handle winning besides Russell.

If Jaison wins, well, I don't know what will happen but something bad. Something awful.

Anyway, here's to this season of Survivor (and next, I know a few spoilers about next season and it's gonna be great, if you want to know spoiler I can send it to you, let me know in comments!)



rebar said...



I'm (ehhh) kinda satisfied with the outcome.

I was anti-Russell early on, though I gave him credit for being such a aggressively strategic player. He won me over mid-season by finding idol after idol after idol...but then his ego went back into overdrive and turned me off again as time went on.

He made the fatal mistake (for me) by proclaiming that (I'm paraphrasing) he wishes he was surrounded by "superstars" at the end, instead of the passive mopes he was fighting against in the end.


You immediatley elimnate each potential "superstar" anytime they let their little light shine.

It's just like last year when "Coach" kept saying that he wanted to take the "warriors" to the end, and then kept voting out his strongest competition. It's such crap.

I'm all for (if you can pull it off successfully) being a character in the game that is 180 degrees from who you are at home.

I'm all for blindsides and backroom deals.

I'm all for stirring the pot and sitting back.

All those plays are righteous.

But you don't get to call foul, when the little blonde sits back, lets you take all the shrapnel and pout when she wins the money.

What always amazes me with the big egos is that they strategize based on set expectations they have going into the game.

Rarely do they react or compesate when the game changes.

Russell would have won, if there were more people playing a similiar game to his - one that was solely based on strategy.

He realised much too late (in fact, I'm not sure he's figured it out yet and he's been home watching the show!) that the jury this season were made up of a LOT of folks who weren't "about the game" or had sole respect for aspects of strategy, but were more about HOW they percieved the game was played.

Russell only played one side of the social game. Fear. And while that game will take you a long way, it can only take you so far.

AND, even if folks WOULD vote for you being the strategy master...they don't get to fully see your machinations UNTIL the game is over.

Maybe they'd have more respect for his game from the couch, versus after spending 36+ days in the muck.

I'm glad he won the 100K.

He did deserve something for all the hijinx he pulled and the constant game he was running...but he didn't deserve the million.

Also, do we think that Natalie is knocked up? I barely recognized her.

Her body looked healthy...she just seemed a bit moon-faced. The way that some skinny gals look when they are "with pod."

Woot! Looking forward to February!

Although I have to say, that instead of calling it "Heroes and Villains"...I'm pretty sure the next season is gonna be more like "Douches and Nerds."

Which, I have no doubt will give you a bang for your entertainment dollar.

Hixx said...

Rebecca. I'm so in love with you right now I want to make out with you. I will go more fully into this when I have a moment and can finally let my breath out.