Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hotels and Anniversaries

We did it! We had out night at the hotel. It was very romantic and Christmas-y and the view fromo our hotel was fantastic. I would wonder what time it was and half turn my head to see the clock on Wrigley Tower. So cool.

We walked around and had dinner and watched Survivor from the comfort our king size mattress. We got up around 11 and took a late night walk down Michigan Ave., so cool. We slept in without a dog whining at us and sought out new legs of the Pedway. It was neat and it was very nice for both me and John to get out of the house and our everyday routine. Just nice to shake it up.

And now it's time for Christmas! My brother comes in from San Francisco tomorrow and then we have plans and all kinds of fun things to do next week.

So it's the last couple of weeks of the year, the last couple of weeks of stress for us, the last couple of weeks for everything.

Bring on the New Year. I'm so ready.

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