Thursday, December 10, 2009

Social Media and the Hixx

whoa, hey, hi! My goodness, just took Remo for a walk and had a big love affair with working from home. Now I'm nice and cozy, big mug of tea, sitting by the Christmas tree and I don't have to go out for 4-5 more hours.

I've decided to make Thursdays my "day off." I realize now working from home is such a strange thing and that there really is no day off. Some days I work harder than others, but generally, I will do some work each day. I still am today too, but plan on taking this afternoon to finish up a couple of Wires and Food Inc.

I'm also going to make Thursdays my "social media respite." I've mentioned how much I love Twitter and now have 3 separate accounts. My personal one, which has my friends and some info that I want. I don't seek followers or anything like that there, it's just for my pleasure. I also have one for my social media job and then also one for Chicago Elevated. I love how each of my lists has a totally separate personality and I enjoy making friends on my "work" lists. Twitter is addicting and I've really managed to waste some time there and get all caught up in getting more followers and retweeting and reading fascinating things.

But it's also taking some focus away from me, if I get stuck on something I"m writing or have to do something I don't want to do, twitter or facebook can easily take me away from concentrating on that thing and then it doesn't get done and I look back on the day and can't really track what I"ve been doing.

I've made a schedule for myself for the upcoming weeks, what I do on Monday, Tuesday, etc. I think that will help keep me in line. And I'm also going to take Thursdays off from twitter and facebook. It's hard, but already this morning I have done a ton without the distraction.

Now I'm going to work a bit on my year end review and my next year's goals - once again The Art of Non-Conformity has helped me do this, with a comprehensive guide to doing an annual review. It kind of looks like fun, but hard too. Perfect assignment for a cold day.

But um, is anything going on on Twitter that I should know about? Huh? Anyone? I'm lonely!


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Hixx said...

Aim Trust is what I need!

You know, sometimes I really like the spammers.

smussyolay said...

will you share your novel with us at some point?

Hixx said...

Hey Smuss! Definitely. I'm just now getting mentally ready to go through it and fix some basic spelling errors and such. Maybe by mid-January?

In fact, I might go do that right now for a bit!

Thank you for asking...