Wednesday, December 09, 2009


John's been at work this week, it's weird. But I'm working hard at home, I'm amazed at how fast the days go by and just how much time I can waste on twitter. Heh. Big time waster, great marketing tool, big time waster.

Anyhoo, last night was my first foray into dinner.

Let's get something straight. I'm not proud of this either (slightly amused, but not proud), I really don't know how to cook. I had to ask someone the other night how to make a baked potato. I'm close to not knowing how to boil water. I don't know which knives are for what. I don't know what the difference between broiling, baking, sauteing or roasting is. I don't know how long you cook an ear of corn for and I just had to look up how exactly it is I would go about cooking something called "a chicken thigh."

So, I really am starting from scratch, so to speak. I don't know how I got by till 39 years old without ever really cooking anything, but I did and it has been a fantastic 39 years.

Last night I wanted to keep it simple, so I tried to make hummus. That tasted funny, so I added garlic. Then it just tasted like garlic. John said it was inedible and I just trusted him, because my own mouth was on fire from the garlic, I don't even know anymore. Then I made veggie sandwiches (John makes these a lot) and I cut up all the veggies and then made some cucumber yogurt sauce, in which I also put in a lot of garlic, but it was pretty good actually.

I realize I didn't COOK anything for dinner last night, but I just wanted to try it out.

Tonight I'm making chicken. And broccoli. I guess I'm going to boil the broccoli? right? I'll let you know how it goes...

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smussyolay said...

I am the same way. And I feel very conflicted about it. And so much so, I've obviously become so serious that I am using proper punctuation.

Part of me is like ... fuck it. Get a mate or become rich enough to have someone cook for you. But I *don't* have a mate and I'm *not* rich enough to have someone cook for me.

And I want to lose weight and be healthy and stuff, and it seems learning to cook might be helpful. But I am just as clueless as you are with all that stuff.

Thank God for the internet, though. And even YouTube videos!

Good luck, sister. Maybe we can team up sometime and learn something. I *do* know how to make some decent chicken breasts with the George Foreman, though. And a crockpot is pretty rad -- I can do stew in there. But this is still all really rudimentary stuff.