Monday, November 02, 2009

Well, my goodness

Sitting here drinking my tea, the sun is shining, dog at my feet and the knowledge that I have managed to surround myself with the greatest people on the planet.

Today was the unveiling of the tour biz website,

I have received such great feedback and gotten some great leads (thanks Kate!) and am really overwhelmed by all the love and the help that people are willing to provide.

I stayed up late last night, putting finishing touches on everything and even had a hard time going to sleep, I was so excited for this morning. My handsome husband is excellent, serving me eggs and bacon in my excited state, I'm a lucky girl.

One thing that has really opened my eyes from this whole experience is how much we're all in this together. How we can help each other and how open people are when someone steps outside their comfort zone and tries to do something great. Just like improv, I couldn't do this on my own and it just invigorates me and pushes me to help other people just like people have helped me.

So thank you to my blog readers, don't worry, Chicago Elevated won't take over...I love Chicago Stories and will keep posting here like always, cause in a lot of ways the people who read this blog are my truest supporters.

Thanks again and lets get this party started! Woot!

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