Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Back to it - again

Like I posted yesterday, it was a great day. I just thoroughly enjoyed all the feedback I got on the site and all the attention and all the tweets and it was a really emotional and satisfying day.

The great part about it was, when I woke up this morning and I knew it was all over and it was really just about me getting back to work....I was fine with that.

In fact, it was great. I woke up and had a million things running through my mind, things to fix, things to change, all kinds of thoughts on what to do next. Working from home is really great, but I am struggling to find some sort of schedule. I could spend hours wasting time on twitter, adding people, searching people, reading lists, reading tweets...at some point I have to stop myself and move on to the next thing. This social media is tricky, I can get lost in it.

How do you guys schedule your work? Any hints? the only one I can think of is from that guy who said if it takes less than 2 minutes, just do it. I like that one.

Anything else? Any hints you guys have when working on your own that really keep you in line?


Erica said...

I turn off my email so I don't get distracted to check it. Of course, I am sure most of your work is over email, right? Then close all your windows with Facebook, twitter, net newswire, etc. I know that sounds obvious, but if it isn't right there, it isn't as tempting to look at.

I write big to-do lists in Sharpie on pieces of cardboard that I carry with me from room to room so I can always be working on it.

If I am choreographing, I try to shut myself in a room with no distractions but maybe the cat and I don't stop until I'm done.

Start with the thing that will take the least amount of time, or will make the most impact to other things.

That's some of what I do. I also allow myself naps if I need them.

Hixx said...

Great stuff Erica, and I agree, even if a lot of my work is over email, if I'm looking at it I want to check it all the time.

Also, taking naps is a great choice!