Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winter of my .... content

Oh this is it right? The last days of autumn, the leaves are falling like snow, the bittersweetness (word?) of beauty and death...

I'm very poetic today no?

I'm leery of winter. I really am. I fear someday I won't be able to take it one more year and I'll have to move away from the city I love (and the city I'm building my career on, but fuck it really, I can give tours anywhere, it's not just Chicago. I could give you one hell of a tour in Des Moines, Dubai or San Francisco, makes no nevermind) to get away from the horrors of cracked skin and bruised bums from ice falling.

But this year, I have some plans.

I am going to write all winter.

I have nanowrimo that starts on Saturday (yay!) this year is going to be a doozy of a story and I'm excited to start writing it.

I have my show I'm writing with Sabrina, that should start in late March, just in time for Spring.

I'm going to write tours for Spring as well, need a couple to have ready to roll in April.

I'm going to be writing for my new website for my biz (unveiled on Monday, watch out!).

I'm kind of excited, just hunker down with my tea and my dog and my computer and just punch this shit out, you know what I mean?

Anyone else doing nano this year? What's your story idea?

Mine you ask? 40 year old semi-control freak but fun and lonely lady falls in love with a homeless dude, making sure to stay away from any "My Fair Lady" dress them up montage scenes.

Gonna be awesome.


wafelenbak said...

I am in! I am worried though that I am going to forget to start on Sunday. Eep.
I have two characters and an opening line and that's it. We'll just see where they take me!

Hixx said...

That's perfect Waflen! I'm so glad you're doing it too. Let me know if you need any pep talks! We can do it together.

And I think what you have to start with is the best. Whoopee!