Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a little patience

In the midst of all this: I'm so excited! I'm working so hard! I'm so motivated! My god it's easier to be awesome than it is to not be awesome!

I need to remember one thing:


Being motivated and strong and happy and excited and working hard all great things. Believe me, I've spend my life being none of those things and now to be those things is really fun. Certainly I want to spread the word on how "I've done it" and "what works for me" and I want everyone I know to just hop on this train with me because this train rules.

But the reality is, the world needs to catch up with me a little bit, or I need to let it.

I'm so antsy, so excited, but you know, not everyone is moving at this pace, not my friends and not my husband. They may never and that is OKAY! My goodness.

Also, it takes awhile for the world to catch up to me. I see my success and feel it so vividly that when issues from my life come up that have no place in my new world of awesome, I find I'm getting too frustrated.

How can I still be broke when I'm AWESOME? Well Hixx, change can take a bit, bouncing back from a hard year can take a bit, bringing in money can take a bit...


No, no, hard work is about patience too, not just moving and getting and writing and working, it's about sending things out into the world and waiting for them to get back to you.

So, I'm working on that.

And you know what? I think Ask the Hixx is out for now, it may come back, it may not...if you have a question for me, you know me, you can just ask.

Okay, so what's the deal? Everyone hates Glee now? I'm so confused.

I just started The Wire, I'm digging it and know people love it more than life, so with that, I am patient.

I still love Gossip Girl more than anything.

And Survivor! OMG SURVIVOR! Each season is better than the one before, except my MVP got "removed," dammit.

I'm reading the Memory Keepers Daughter, it might be driving me bananas with its ladylike lyricism, but I'm keep reading.

I'm a little manic today.


smussyolay said...

who hates glee!? who hates glee!? tell me and i'll give them a spanking. i just re-watched the last one last night because i heard there's a break and there won't be one tonight. boo.

i still love it with my whole little cheesy heart. so there. glee!

Hixx said...

I've been seeing it on the Twitter and stuff! I don't know! It doesn't make any sense!

I'm glad you're still with me Smuss.