Monday, October 05, 2009

Now is the time. The time is now.

Now that I'm working in the social media world, I'm reading Seth Godin's blog. I guess now that I'm starting my own business, I'm reading Seth Godin's blog. Does everyone read Seth Godin's blog? It's like watching Flash Forward because everyone else is right?

So I'm reading his blog and I get to this at the bottom line:

"The very best time to launch a new product or service is when the market appears exhausted or depleted. There's more room at the top and fewer people in a hurry to get there."

Woot! That's just what I was thinking and what I have been thinking from the beginning of all this worldwide nightmare. But my thought was more this: "If we can all make it through this, without selling ourselves out in anyway, we can make it through anything." And more specifically for me, if I can make it through this without getting a full-time admin job, then I can do anything.

And when I say sell out, I don't mean no one should go get a full time job. My handsome husband wants a full time job, he likes the structure, he works better with it. A lot of people I know really enjoy going into an office, working with other people, going to lunch with co-workers, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of other people. I am not in anyway discounting this, we're all different, thank god, one man's treasure and all that.

But I do think (on my good days, this is one of them, there's been a whole string of them much more fun than the bad ones, no?) that this is the time for innovation. This is the time when people want pure work and true art. This is the time people become their most creative. Now is the time when your mind runs through every possible example of making money, now is the time when you consider every little thing that you're good at and how you can maximize on it, now is the time when you rely on a different part of your brain, a different muscle to get you through, because the same old thinking isn't going to work anymore. The cream is about to rise to the top folks.

If Seth Godin agrees with me, it must be true.

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Dan Izzo said...

I totally read Seth Godin's blog. It's good. You should check out one of his books (I recommend Purple Cow - NOT Tribes).