Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday? Sure!

Oh my new life, Friday's don't mean so much anymore...thank goodness.

So what's going on with the Hixx and her exercising you might ask?

And I might answer.

It's going really well. I definitely am at my lowest weight since college. That's a fun thing to say. But my mindset has totally changed on it. I'm not doing it now to lose weight, not at all. Now I'm doing it to be awesome and that makes it a lot easier. With the amount of "letting go of things that don't push me along my path," exercising has a become a necessary part of my goal. A thing I need to add, to stay up on, to stay attentive to. It clears my brain, gets me ready for the day and gives me energy. Yay!

So now that I'm not biking I've started running again and I run very slow and lamely, I love it. I run about five minutes, walk a minute, run 5, walk one...that kind of thing. I'm very careful not to push myself too hard, the last thing I need right now is to hurt myself. I use it now for clearing my brain and for getting my heart going in the morning. I don't PUSH myself really hard and try to beat times or anything, I just run. Then I come home and do whatever exercise tape calls to me that day. I'm still doing the Jillian Shreds, but I'm trying to mix it up a bit. So I do anything I can get on the free netflix downloads for the xbox. Some crunch stuff, some weird old lady stuff, some pilates stuff...whatever. Again, for me right now, it's just to get my body moving, to keep it strong and to improve my balance and grace.

Here's one thing...I saw Jillian Michaels diet pills at the Target. I'm very upset. This seems really anti her message and I'm not down with it at all. What's she thinking? Grrrr.

But on the plus side, whenever I do another exercise video, Crunch or Self or something else, everytime I go back to Jillian's 20 minute Shred she rips me a new one, every single time. The other one's I can get through pretty easily, but those Shreds are serious business and definitely different than any of the others as far as I can tell.

Today I ran for the first time since Florida, since the cold. I did it to get rid of all of this snot in my head, I think I feel better and more clear snot-wise.

Awesome people are strong and have discipline. I am strong and have discipline.


wafelenbak said...

I saw an ad for Jillian's new "supplement" in the latest issue of self. I was stunned and dismayed. :p

Hixx said...

yeah right? What's she doing? Me thinks I need to look into this. I will do some digging, see what's up.

Anonymous said...

You should take those Jillian pills and shove em in your butt

Hixx said...

Anonymous: you have a cute butt and a pretty wife.