Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ask the Hixx - REVEALED

Oh man. It's been a weird week huh folks? Ups and downs and downs and ups and evaluating and re-evaluating and wow. Okay, we're going to move forward with the Ask the Hixx even though I'm not really sure what I'm doing here today.

From the lovely Erica:

1) How ya doing?
2) What is a good fall harvest outing? Maybe one that involves a hayride? One that is fun and cheesy and beautiful maybe?
3) Why does fear keep us from doing great things that might be good for us?

1. I'm good. You know? I'm really good. This corner I turned last week with the job layoff and the non-conformity and the working hard on my own's all still here. It hasn't gone anywhere which pleases me. In the past week I have worked harder than I have worked my whole life. In a weird way it's instilling a new fear in me, that now that I've figured it out something awful is going to happen to prevent me from doing it. When you hear a dear friend has cancer (may I echo you Erica? Fuck cancer) it really showcases my new fear. Life can change so fast, why did I wait so long to figure it all out, why can't my life be where it needs to be already so I can enjoy it before something's weird. But these are all new fears associated with a new way of thinking, I can battle these fears because they're shallow and new.

2. Here is a great little page I found telling you about all the other pages. I think Jonomac Orchard looks like the most fun with an apple launcher and a 10 acre corn maze! with two bridges! Other readers might have something fun?

3. Fear keeps us from doing great things because we never fully think it through. We all have fear right? But most of us stop at the fear and never really...finish the sentence. I did an exercise last night related to my new business. It's called 7 steps to playing a much bigger game. And here it is if you're interested. But one of the things he has you do is list all of your fears about this new business. Easy right? Not good enough, not smart enough, I'll look like a fool, etc. But then he makes you explain away each fear, he asks you to be realistic about what will really happen if your fears come true. Then what you can do ahead of time to stop those failings from happening. It sounds simple but the truth is when you think all the way through the fear, all the way to the end you realize that the world won't end and that really, those fears aren't quite as scary as you lead yourself to believe. We stop with the fear, what we need to do is rationalize our way through it.

You know what? I love you guys. Truly.

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Erica said...

Thank you. And thank you.

I love you, too.