Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Monday

All around the world it seems my friends are having a hard time. Almost everyone I know is going through something or another. Job losses, job searches, job annoyances, baby making troubles, baby having troubles, scary health issues...

What in the sam hell is going on around here?

And one thing we've all kind of admitted to each other and something I'll admit here is: we're all kind of glad that the hard times seem to be reaching out to pretty much everyone.

Not that we wish any kind of badness on our friends or their houses. But that this time it's not just "us." We're all not doing anything inherently wrong or stupid, we're not all failing whilst everyone else succeeds, we're not all total fuck ups while the rest of the world rests on its laurels. We're all in this together, we're all frustrated and tired, we're all scared and we're all really thankful we have the friends that we do.

I hope my friends and the people in my life really know this. That the stigma of job loss is no longer. That the stigma of being broke (notice I didn't use poor, not gonna either) is no longer. That having to borrow money from someone or another is no longer failure.

Now, it's just the way it is.

And I for one need to really stop thinking of it all as failure. It isn't. And we all know that's a self-fulfilling prophecy and even if you're not all karma and touchy feely, we all know full well its the damn truth. John and I haven't failed, by god we have succeeded. We may not be able to pay all of our bills, we may struggle every month to get rent paid. But we have remained hopeful and strong.

When I look at my friends who are struggling, the last thing, the LAST thing I see is failure. I see strength and bravery and fortitude and awesomeness. I am so proud of my friends and my family, I'm so proud of the work everyone is doing, what they're creating and what they want to be. I need to see my life and John's life and our lives in the same way.

Position of power people!


Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Well said.

Kate said...

Tears, Hixx, tears. I love this post.

Crescent said...

whoa. thank you. That what lovely. Made me cry but was lovely. and very true. this is just life my friends.

Hixx said...

Thanks everyone! It's all about perspective, right?

Crescent said...

"that what lovely."

good work me.

that WAS lovely.