Sunday, September 20, 2009

Make no small plans

Ah, did I depress you all enough with my sad post?

Today is our actual anniversary (hi john! thank you for the sweet message) and it's a quiet day, a reflective day and yes, a happy day.

Ram Daas says that suffering comes from wishing your life is different than it is. Ram Daas is a smart man after taking all that LSD no?

Although John and I struggle, I must not forget the good things that have passed in this year. We have learned so much from each other and from the world, so many lessons we can put into practice. And although we fight every day, we are fighting goddamnit, and that means more than anything.

This is what marriage is, it isn't all candles and fairy tales, it is hard work (I always hated it when people say that, still do, it just seems so "unromantic") and we are doing the work. So today we celebrate, today we muse on our lives together and remember that we are never stuck, that "something never doesn't happen," that we have each other and our laughter, that we have a choice and our own free will, that there is a whole world out there and that we are supported and loved by so many wonderful people.

Today I celebrate my husband who is a truly wonderful and gracious and sensitive and hilarious man who can make me laugh in my darkest hour. He is someone who wants so much from the world and the people around him, he sees so much good, spreads so much love and supports me till he can't stand anymore. We promised a year ago today to make no small plans, it's written inside of our rings and I think most of all this is what we need to remember, we have more power than we could ever know and love enough for the worst of times and don't forget...we also have the best dog that has ever existed.

Make no small plans, they have no magic to stir mens blood.

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