Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yeah, maybe Ask the Hixx wasn't the best choice on a day when I felt like going a little deeper.

And I've been thinking about this today, wondering if I was a little to harsh on my mom. But sometimes I think I have to see her that way to make sure I don't turn out that way. Certainly I feel great tenderness and sympathy, my mom got a bum rap, that's for sure. A lot of that has absolutely nothing to do with her way of life, it's just...some people get a bad rap. Especially when we're old.

But it's that old karmic thing, I believe in that I guess and I think we all create the life we want.

As I thought about it today and I thought about that list of things I want for my life, I was pleased, because, I have a lot of those things already. I do ride my bike and read and go to the beach and love my husband and go outside and all those things.

I want to do them more, I want to waste time less. I want to make sure that my mission statement for my life is not lonely. I want to make sure I'm putting the right energy into the world, to be specific about my wants and to focus on them, instead of concentrating on all the wrong things (am I fat? will I ever have enough money? what am I supposed to do now?).

I'm so close. I'm on the track.

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