Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aragorn, my sweet and handsome Aragorn.

Even without cable, I am able to keep up on some things, catch up on others and well, I dunno.

So, I finished Two Towers. And yes, I realize the silliness of me talking about the Lord of the Rings trilogy some 60 years after every single person alive has ever read it. But it's new to me folks, so bear with me. I wasn't quite as pleased by the TT, but only because it's more of a war book, the in-between book, the book for boys. I am of course continually blown away by the writing. Man, this guy really was something. I'm just glad I have decided to read them and didn't go my life without doing that. Because as wonderful as the movies are, and as truthful and descriptive they are, they are just one tiny fraction of what happens in the book. And the language is so beautiful.

Although I think J.K. Rowling is definitely an alright writer and a wonderful speaker, and an all-around impressive person, it's so much easier to do that when one has already done it before. It's like Rowling knew there were a whole generation of kids how don't know about LOTR and might never read it. So much of her books are Tolkien-like. But also not at all. Because the language of LOTR is just so above what anyone has done. I want to look around, but I'm sure Rowling must have some kind of thanks somewhere to Tolkien?

I just want to go live in middle earth with the king. Is that so hard?