Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ask the Hixx!

Tuesday is back folks.

Let's do this.

Ask the Hixx.

Ask me anything under the sun. Anything you like.

Have a problem with your parents? Ask the Hixx.
Want to know if I like cheese? Ask the Hixx.
Have a burning question regarding the war of 1812? Ask the Hixx.
Want to know the best pizza? Ask the Hixx.

C'mon. Jam on.


Crescent said...

Dear Hixx,

What is your death row meal? You get:

One regular beverage
One booze beverage
Salad OR soup
an app
main course (which can include two sides)
Dessert OR an after dinner drink

Anonymous said...

Margaret please read no further!!!

This is my guess for my wife.

Diet Coke
Vodka & 7
Matzo ball (2 bites)
Crab Rangoon
C Burger FF Mac&Ch
Chocolate cake with 2 layers of frosting inside

Erica said...

Crescent's question is a good one...but here is mine.

What is the best way to get out of credit card debt?

Jamie said...

Jamie here -

Is it possible to pursue your 'dreams' without having a crossroads or crisis event force you into it? In other words, is it possible to shape your life into the one you want while living the one you've got, or does great personal change require an external force as a catalyst?