Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ask the Hixx - revealed!

Thanks everyone for speaking up! I even got one question via email....

All of your questions were so good I was considering just answering them all, but then decided against that. Maybe I'll re-submit questions from this week next week...I'm just not sure yet.

But I did ask Sabrina to pick a number between 1- 4 and she picked the fine number 3:

Is it possible to pursue your 'dreams' without having a crossroads or
crisis event force you into it? In other words, is it possible to shape your
life into the one you want while living the one you've got, or does great
personal change require an external force as a catalyst?

Ah, such a good question and honestly, it's one I never really thought of before. And in my karmic, "spiritual", thinking of life, I'm one of those people that believes that everything happens for a reason. So in my pristine little world, all the icky or bad things that happen (hopefully) are the doors opening to another, brighter world.

I'm sure there are people who just float to the top and get everything they ever wanted without lifting a finger...actually, no, I don't believe that. Because you can't possibly know what it is you truly want out of life without figuring out what it is you don't want.

Can great personal change happen without an external force as a, not great personal change...personal change can happen - you start working out, or you start eating healthier, I believe these are things that can just happen because you are sick of living one way or another, but great personal change must be preceeded by some force or there would never be any impetus to change at all.

Thus sayeth the Hixx.

What do you guys think?


Jamie said...

Thanks! Interesting point. As soon as I posed my question, I thought the idea of change was so slippery that it maybe invalidated my entire question. Since real change is often incremental - and just as likely to be invisible until viewed from a bit removed from the experiences that lead to a change. In other words, we rarely experience ourselves changing, but rather understand that events changed us once we find ourselve reflecting on changes somewhere down the road.

Regardless - I continue to hope for a dramatic catalyst that will push me harder in the direction of my dreams. Perhaps commenting on blogs during work time will help percipitate that... huh, now there's a question for Hicks. Do we subtley create the circumstances that bring a catalyst into our lives through the (positive and self-descructive) choices we make?

Julene said...,0,4124591.photogallery

Nice! Go Hixx!