Sunday, June 07, 2009

Security Blanket

Ah Sunday afternoons, with my husband at home and in no pain, after a really nice weekend and all my chores done and nothing to do with the rest of the day except work a little, watch TV a little and hang with my pup. All good things.

I did my guest spot in THEMS last night. What a riot. Thank you to Smuss and Alcott for coming out to see it, from what I hear it was a good night.

THEMS has a guest star every week and that guest star plays the part of a Stowaway. All of the stowaways (that's a REALLY hard word to type correctly) have been totally different, preachers and company men, geminoids and just "regular people." So I totally stole Newt from Aliens. I thought maybe subconsciouly that was a character people wanted to see from a show like THEMS. And the stowies have had a rehearsal but we generally have no idea what we're doing (I have a little more knowledge as I've been the go to stowie for the crew's rehearsals) but the cast is so fun backstage, they all told me exactly where to go and what to do next and the time goes by so fast and it's so so hard not to do "bits" (I know I did some, but I just couldn't help myself, I tried to keep them subtle, heh) and so hard not to laugh when I'm on stage with Sabrina and someone falls and they're all just making it so easy for me to say neat things or do neat things and overall, I think it was a really fun show.

Next weekend I go in for one of the actual crew, Rand Whitney, an engineer on the ship. He's the newbie, the young guy who hits the jackpot on his first trip out. I'm totally going to channel Kaylee from Firefly. I like this quote from Jewel Staite who played Kaylee:

Jewel Staite explains Kaylee's character as being wholesome, sweet, and "completely genuine in that sweetness", adding "She loves being on that ship. She loves all of those people. And she's the only one who loves all of them incredibly genuinely."

I just realized that John and I should watch Serenity so I can channel even more. Poor me.

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