Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving? Done...almost

Hey! Hey computer! Hey work! Hey internets!

So...we did it. John did it. I did it. We're pretty much moved. We had Sabrina and my brother come over on Saturday to help with the big stuff....but pretty much every box, every chair, every couch every everything was moved with our own hands. Our move cost us about 40$ and that was only for the extra bankers boxes we needed.

I would like to thank John for busting his ass, I would like to thank my brother and Sabrina, I would like to thank my bike for giving me a few moments of unadulterated peace in the sunshine and I would like to thank the Golden Nugget on Lawrence for a few important BLT's.

Our new apartment is just so damn pretty, I can't believe it. Central air and a back porch, my two favorite things.

THEMS had an AWESOME last night on Saturday, it was pure joy to watch. Everyone really kicked it. Beautiful.

Last night we were so broken, tired and happy we turned over a couch, hooked up the TV and the XBox and sat bleary-eyed to watch Dr. Horrible. YAY! What a perfect thing to relax to. I loved it. That Neil Patrick Harris can do anything he wants.


Erica said...


Hendo said...


I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you and John more after your THEMS show Saturday, or meet you at the bar. I was sick as a dog, and when our show was over, I was just about ready to pass out, so I went home...

We've got to get together SOON!!! Give me a call!

Hixx said...

Thanks guys!

no worries Hendo...maybe over the 4th?

Hendo said...

Sounds like a plan! I'll give you guys a call in the next day or two.